Solid Prefinished

Classical, beautiful finished hardwood floors
Popular for All Floors

Durable, finish is guarenteed by manufacturer

Uniform colorations

Quick & Clean installation

A prefinished floor has a more durable finish making it a good choice for high traffic areas and kitchens. The installation of these floors is quick and simple since we don't need to do any sanding or finishing on site. These floors are sturdy and durable and add warmth to your home.
They can be difficult to resand/refinish these kinds of floors, trying to do so with abrasive materials like aluminum oxide can end up scratching and damaging the floor.

Solid Unfinished

Your best option for adding customized elements to your flooring
Popular for all floors

Wide variety of woods

Custom elements can be added

Floor will be sealed once your finished

If you are trying to achieve a specific aesthetic for your floors this is the style of wood you'll want to start with. Having an unfinished floor installed gives you the widest variety of options, not just the wood species but also the stain color, finish system and the saw profile. We can even add elements into the floor like medallions, inlays, and borders. Once the floors are finished it will be one smooth surface without any bevels or overwood.
The biggest drawback of these floors is they will have a lengthy install time, the floors have to be sanded, possibly stained, and finished. Then it will need time to cure in which the home/business owners will have to be careful or else the floors could be damaged.


Interlocking panels with a hardwood veneer
Popular for any floors

Easy to install yourself

Can be refinished 1-2 times in its lifetime

Durable, Long-lasting floor

Get the look of solid hardwood floors without all the extra maintenance. These panels are made with interior layers of either plywood, high-density fiberboard, or hardwood. this lets your floors have the elegance of hardwood floors while they are more stable and block most moisture problems.
While there is less maintenance, these floors aren't maintenance free, they are susceptible to scratches and dents. We don't suggest these kinds of floors for families with pets as they will start to look worn faster than other kinds of floors. Engineered floors can stand up to changes in humidity, but it isn't waterproof. If they are exposed to too much water they can be damaged, buckle and shift as well as have other problems.


Interlocking pressed wood flooring
Popular for any floors

Durable, water & stain resistance

Easy for do it yourself projects

Treated to prevent damage

These floors stand up to daily wear and tear and are easy to clean. They give your home the same warmth and appearance of wood without as much of the costs.

Some laminate wood floors can have an artificial looking wood grain that can sometimes be a turnoff. Laminate floors also can be more difficult to repair if you are trying to do it yourself, even with the interlocking panels you can replace the individual panels but the colors may not match properly after sun/time exposure.


Sheet or tile flooring
Popular for kitchens & bathrooms


Easy Install


Durable, water & stain resistant

These floors are very durable and are meant to stand up to heavy foot traffic. It reduces noise, is comfortable underfoot, and is easy to maintain. All of these are important matters for homeowners with pets and kids. We have a wide range of colors and patterns so you can choose your floors to match any decor.
However, these floors don't hold up to heavy loads and can be damaged by sharp objects. If exposed to too much direct sunlight the colors have been known to fade and damaged by extreme temperatures. For this reason, we don't suggest this kind of flooring for outdoor or indoor/outdoor uses.

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