See Our Carpet Deals at Euro Hardwood Flooring in Slc, Utah

See Our Carpet Deals at Euro Hardwood Flooring in Slc, Utah2018-06-06T17:34:06+00:00

Best Euro Hardwood Flooring Carpet deals

Euro Hardwood Flooring houses a full line of top-rated manufacturer carpet lines including different brands from all over the world. The lines we design has been named best product 1 year after year by retailers nationwide for excellence, service, and style. When deciding to upgrade a carpet or revive a worn out room, there are important questions to answer: What type of rug will outlast a room’s traffic levels and still keep a fresh, new look? Can I afford a higher end carpet that is easy to clean and kind to my wallet? Which styles of carpet are consistent with my existing design and room theme? We answer these questions regularly.

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Durable, quality carpet in a wall-to-wall installation can increase the cost of your place, potentially keeping your utility costs while reducing energy use. The R-value (thermal resistance) estimates how much a substance resists the movement of heat through a ceiling‚ wall or floor in a building. The higher the amount‚, the more efficient the insulation. Quality carpet achieves this energy efficiency and improved insulated environment.

Come into our store to view our broad assortment of carpet styles and plush pillows. We can line you up with some of the most significant opportunities that we can’t even show on our site, including a path to our preferred network of affordable, professional carpet installers.

Knowledge When It Comes to Carpet Durability and Ratings

Carpet product lines have durability ratings that can help you determine its ability to withstand extended wear. A perfect score of 5 means that after rigorous, industry-standard testing, the carpeting maintained the appearance of the brand fresh carpet.

Some 4.0 or above is rated outstanding. These carpets are approved for large traffic locations including family rooms and children’s areas. A score of 2.5 to 4.0 is predicted to provide standard stability, and these carpetings can be used in most home applications if properly maintained and cleaned. A 2.5 rating and below should be held for light to moderate traffic areas only, such as bedrooms.

That being told, it’s not practical to associate years with a carpet durability rating. Our knowledge of the industry’s leading carpet lines can guide you in the right direction.

Utah Residential and Commercial Carpets

Find carpet at Euro Hardwood Flooring’s current store in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are home owner and looking for solutions, Euro Hardwood Flooring Flooring services both fronts. Purchasing large volumes of stock enables us to sell quality, long-lasting carpet solutions at lower, discounted prices. When you are buying in more significant quantities, we can pass on some of our additional cost-savings to you.

We specialize in home carpets and household carpet design solutions for homeowners. Having a design center in-house gives Euro Hardwood Flooring the flexibility and expertise to provide you with room makeovers and a professionally designed remodeled look. You can leave our showroom with confidence and a clear picture of what your new space command look like, welcome like, and how it would last in your home over the years. Click here for directions to our showroom. Or contact us. Euro Hardwood Flooring brings carpets to you.