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We know that wood floor aren’t just for walking anymore. Our European craftsmanship and reliable service do more than simply perfect your installation. They create your perfect space

Repair & Maintenance

Next to repair and maintenance we also provide professional floors installation. We take you from the process to the project you want for your business or home with satisfaction guaranteed. View our helpful blog for more info about the estimate.

Sand & Finsh

From top quality custom sanded installations, to maintenance and repairs, there is no sand and finish project that we can’t nail perfectly. If you’re unhappy when you look down, we will change that


You want your years investment to leave a lasting impression, not just a footprint. That is why we offer a range of consultation local business options that are just right for every person and every space


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A wood floor refinishing is an important feature of a house, and it is available in different options and styles. As a homeowner, you can, therefore, choose a option that you like and then proceed to set it up. However, remember that though choosing the right specialist is paramount, hiring a good installer for the task is equally vital. To make your home look good and to get value from this costly venture, hire the qualified contractors who hold a cutting edge in the industry.